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Cultural Tourism is essential part of communities to support their livelihood through local tourism activities. Within their villages the communities involved in local tourism activities to enhance culture protection, respect and conservation of natural and cultural attractions surrounding their environment.

Cultural Tourism Tanzania

Cultural tourism Tanzania offers experience through various cultures and traditions, visiting sacred places of worship, involving economic activities as farming, pastoral and fishing. The income generated used by the members of community for specific development activities include building dispensaries, schools, drilling water and building cattle dip sites.
We arrange cultural tours to different villages and regions to experience local communities’ lifestyles, walking through their farms, exploring local cuisines and local brews, local hunting, fishing and staying with local community.

We arranges day and overnight cultural trips, for day trips you can visit the village around Arusha and kilimanjaro to see traditional homes, learn local customs, walk through farms and talk with villagers. The cultural tours around Arusha and Moshi you will visit coffee and banana farms on the slopes of Mt. Meru and Mt.Kilimanjaro.

Half day or day hikes are available around Arusha, this hike tour is good acclimatization for those planned to trek Mountains Kilimanjaro or Meru. The cultural trips around Arusha takes you to see Waarusha, Meru and Masai while in Kilimanjaro Region you will find Chagga and Wapare tribe.
Also we provide the “unique and exceptional” cultural tours for visiting Maasai tribe at Lobosoit/Makuyuni, Hadzabe (Bushmen) tribe at Lake Eyasi and Meru tribe at Tengeru Cultural Tourism or Mama Anna Cultural Tourism outside Arusha City.

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